Sleek, Smart, Secure: Why This Smart Wallet Is the New Essential for Tech-Savvy Minimalists Like You.

Designed for the discerning minimalist who values both form and function, this sleek, durable wallet combines cutting-edge technology with premium materials to deliver an unparalleled user experience. Here are the top five reasons why the TLSTO wallet is the ultimate choice for modern minimalists.

TLSTO™| RFID Eject Wallet| - TLSTO.

Beautifully Compact & Modular

01 - Sleek Design:

The TLSTO wallet features a slim, streamlined design that fits seamlessly into a minimalist aesthetic. Its lack of bulk and subtle styling ensures it doesn't detract from a refined and simple lifestyle.

Swift Card Access.

02 - High Functionality:

Despite its compact size, the TLSTO wallet is highly functional. It can hold up to 15 cards (with attachments) and includes a pop-up mechanism that allows for easy access up to 7 cards. This blend of minimalism and utility is ideal for those who want to carry less while still having everything they need.

Made to Withstand the Hardest Falls.

03 - Durability and Quality:

Constructed from high-grade materials like space-grade aluminum, the TLSTO wallet is built to last. Minimalists often look for products that don’t need frequent replacing, and the durable nature of this wallet meets that requirement, representing both sustainability and long-term value.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft.

04 - Security Features:

With RFID-blocking capabilities, the TLSTO wallet offers security against electronic pickpocketing. For minimalists who value privacy and security, this feature ensures that essentials are protected in a low-profile way.

Integrate With Your Tech Eco-System.

05 - Technology Integration:

The integration of features like MagSafe compatibility and optional AirTag tracking aligns with the tech-savvy nature of modern minimalists. This allows for a seamless blend of technology and lifestyle, making the TLSTO wallet not just a tool, but a part of their digital ecosystem.

TLSTO™| RFID Eject Wallet| - TLSTO.

Includes a 2 - Year Warranty Replacement

Every TLSTO Wallet comes with a 2 Year Replacement Warranty that guarantees wallet functionality. Each wallet's ejector is tested and quality assured prior to being packaged and shipped. If the oddity occurs where your wallet is not functioning like it's supposed to, let our team know and we will make things right.


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All orders are provided with tracking and shipping rate is calculated at checkout.

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Not happy with your wallet? No problem. We offer 90-Day money-back returns. Ship us back the wallet in its original condition, and we will refund you the order amount. We're taking the guess work out of online purchasing.

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TLSTO Wallet offers an all in one solution for modern day, everyday carry wallets. Considering a TLSTO wallet is made from all metal parts, it's really a no-brainer when it comes to value! Furthermore, after comparing multiple premium wallets, they all had one drawback, whether it be the eject functionality, the ability to hold more than 5 cards without getting stuck, or an option for AirTag there was always a caveat. This is why we're confident you will be happy owning a TLSTO!

Customize it with the included modular add ons, or use it on its own. The choice will always be yours to make!