TLSTO - Metal Multi-Tool Kit Card

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  • Optional AirTag Module Included.
  • Highly-Durable Elastic Metal Cash Band.
  • Built-In MagSafe & RFID Blocker.
  • Front Pocket Design, Fits in Your Palm.
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Durable Design, Backed by a Reliable Warranty.

Our wallets are made with high-quality materials, particularly for the band and push mechanism, ensuring that our wallets lasts longer than others and withstands daily use. This reliability reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs. We have a 2-Year Warranty for replacements and repairs.

Sleek Design, Crafted For The Front Pocket.

Our wallets' slim design makes it comfortable to carry in pockets without creating bulk. This is ideal for users who prefer a minimalist approach and do not want to be weighed down by a bulky wallet.

Patented Eject For Swift Card Access.

The instant-access metal button seamlessly slides your cards up and fans them out, so you can quickly access what you need.


Fast Delivery & Easy Returns.

Try The TLSTO wallet risk-free for 90 days . We understand buying a new wallet requires time to test. If you don't like your wallet, return it in the same condition it was received. Contact our team if you have any questions.